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Terms of Sale

Sales conditions for private clients

The acceptance of the order by ZAS implies that you have read and accept the following conditions of sale for private clients, authorizing ZAS to respond to your request by email, telephone or other means. The conditions set forth here refer to the "General Area" of and for retail sale.

The prices shown in each product sheet are final prices with VAT included, in these prices it is not included, unless otherwise indicated, neither the price of transport nor the different surcharges according to the payment methods chosen by the clients, said charges are as follows:

Payment methods accepted for Private customers

Cash on delivery: They are sent by Post or Courier (** peninsula only) against reimbursement, paying the total of the order plus the shipping costs to the carrier when the package is delivered to your home. This type of payment  has a surcharge of 3.9%, with a minimum € 2.95 

Paypal payment: If you have a PayPal account, now we also offer you this type of convenient and secure payment. This type of payment  has a 3% surcharge (commissions from the Paypal platform) with a minimum of € 1.75

Bank Transfer Payment: You can pay your orders by bank transfer. Once we have verified that there are stocks in the warehouse, we will inform you of the total and the bank details to make the payment. Zas will send the order once the payment is received.

We accept payments with VISA and MASTERCARD Cards. Payments are made safely through the La Caixa payment gateway. Zas do not have access to such data.



Expenditures Shipping Free for national shipments from € 25 purchase *.

* The amount necessary to obtain free shipping varies depending on the weight of the destination and selected shipping method, starting from € 25 and up to 2000g of weight.


We send your orders with the best agencies and at the cheapest prices, and your shipments are free depending on the amount of the order and its weight with infinite combinations so that you can choose the most convenient shipping method at all times. These are some of the companies we work with to send your packages:

Shipping mode Delivery time (from departure)  
Pick up at the Post Office - Standard 48-72H from departure for Spain:  
Home delivery - Special 48-72 H from departure  
Urgent High Priority delivery in 24 H from departure.  
Urgent High Priority delivery in 24 H from departure  
Special Bulky Packages (furniture etc) delivery in 3 days from departure  

Note * Deadlines for shipments to Cetuta, Melilla and Baleares  They are from 3 days to 1 week from departure. Shipping prices vary depending on the weight of the package and these prices are shown in the shipping information in step 3 of the shopping cart

The transit times and processing times of the orders as well as the information on the delivery estimate are only estimates based on the information provided by the carriers and our own experience. These estimates can be significantly higher if a type of payment NOT instantaneous (such as payment by Bank Transfer) is selected, or in times of great accumulation of orders. In any case, the delivery estimates shown on the screen must be taken as such and DO NOT IN any case imply a guarantee or commitment to deliver within the estimated terms by ZAS.

In case of prolonged delay or suspicion of loss of the shipment, we will contact the different carriers for your claim and, if necessary, we will file the necessary claims until either the shipment is delivered or the carrier declares it lost. Once the resolution is received by the carrier, we will proceed, either to replace the product to the client or to make its full payment.


See the shipping and payments section to access the updated shipping and payment prices

For international shipments, the price is calculated based on the country of destination and the weight



If you are not satisfied we accept returns as long as you notify us within 14 days after the order is received.

Returns on defective materials or other causes will be accepted, the return costs being borne by ZAS only in the event that the item was defective, or an error had occurred when placing the order in the warehouse. In no case are returns on shipping costs or returns for surcharges of the different non-standard means of payment that the client selects freely. Returns from customers of ZAS will preferably be reimbursed for returns through a discount coupon code redeemable in our online store.

To return a product please click here: MAKE A RETURN

Notes to note:

* If the return was due to an error on our part or the item was defective, we will send a shipping label so that the return does not cost you money.

* Items must be returned as received with their original label and packaging. ZAS reserves the right to refuse the return of an item with signs of having been used, damaged or tampered with.

* For hygiene reasons we do not accept returns of earrings or piercings

* Returns are only paid in cash for defective items when the customer requests it.

* An item whose lack is present in it before its sale is considered defective.

* You have a withdrawal period on the order received of 14 days from the date of purchase. Indicate that you want to make use of your right of withdrawal when requesting the return. In case of withdrawal if the order resulting from the return does not reach the required for free shipping, we will deduct the cost of the initial shipping of the order

* If it is the case that the carrier does not manage to deliver and returns the package for reasons beyond our management: If the customer wants us to send the order again, they must pay both the new shipment and the cost of the return shipment. If the customer wants a refund of the amount, we will deduct from the amount both the cost of the initial shipment (even if it was free for the customer) and the cost of the return shipment.

* Once you receive the RMA for the authorization of the return, you have a maximum period of 14 days for us to receive the returned product in our warehouse, after this period has elapsed without us having received the product, the return will be definitively canceled, we will deny receipt, not being able to opt neither to changes nor to the refund of the amount paid.

IMPORTANT: Please do not send returns without RMA postage due or cash on delivery as they will be rejected

ZAS reserves the right to modify the conditions of sale without prior notice.


TELEPHONE ATTENTION [MON-SA from 8:00 to 14:00]
956680448 / 956685301

C / Bailén 44. 11380 Tarifa (Cádiz) Spain
Fax + (34) 956 685 301


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