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Find sterling silver hoops and earrings of all diameters as well as other jewelry with the Eye of Shiva stone. Crafts in 925 sterling silver made manually. The Eye of Shiva or ear as it is known in some places is a shell that comes mainly from the seas of India, Thailand and Indonesia, once polished and carved it acquires that characteristic shape and that in some cultures it is attributed protective properties. It is called a shiva eye because of the shape of the inner part. On one side it shows a spiral and on the other the protective eye of the Hindu god Shiva. We select the best Shiva Eye stones and assemble them in the latest necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings designs.

Alternative Ethnic Hippie Costume Jewelry

Find in ZAS a wide variety of jewelery and handmade jewelery pieces made manually with natural materials, original and colorful pieces with which to highlight your alternative personality, what characterizes our jewelery section is the handmade character of all the pieces Along with the use of natural and noble materials for its manufacture, we fled as far as possible from synthetic materials to focus on natural raw materials that are more attractive. Thus we can find pieces of wood, leather, ceramics, semi precious stones, thread cloth or combinations of these materials.

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  • Ethnic costume jewelry

The offer is very diverse, we have hippie-style pieces, Tibetan crafts jewelry, copper bracelets and anklets with semi-precious stones, inexpensive costume jewelry and other sophisticated ones made of natural materials in an artisanal way, always at cheap prices. We bring them to you from the best artisans from regions like Nepal, Thailand and Indonesia where they are made for us in small family workshops.

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