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Pins, balls, bars, accessories, bananas. Surgical steel accessories in black and white. spare parts for piercing. Loose pieces so you can assemble your bohemian and alternative hippie style piercing to your liking

Horn and Bone Plugs and Plugs - Organic Piercing

Discover our collection of organic piercing made with natural organic materials such as the Horn and the bone of the Asian buffalo. The Asian buffalo is a domestic animal widely used in Asia for agricultural work, meat production, milk, and it would be the equivalent of our pig, an animal that takes advantage of everything. Indonesian artisans use the bones and horns of these animals to make jewelry, costume jewelry, and piercing. At ZAS we have a large collection of these small works of art carved one by one by hand in this beautiful and noble organic material. Find among others:

  • Spike type dilators in sizes from 2mm to 24mm
  • Plugs in sizes from 2mm to 24mm
  • Tunels in sizes from 2mm to 24mm

We also have a good collection of which are the FALSE DILATORS Handcrafted from horn and Asian buffalo bone, the name does not refer to being fake, but rather to being normal earrings for which it is not necessary to enlarge the ear hole more than a normal earring hole but that once put on does the optic effect of wearing a hole dilator much larger than the ear actually has. We have a very wide collection of this type of piercing costume jewelery always at unbeatable prices in the case of handcrafted pieces made one by one.

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