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If I enter items in the shopping cart and do not finalize the order on the same day. Do I have to enter the articles again the next time I log into my user account?

- No, in our system the shopping cart NEVER expires. So if one day you put several items in the shopping cart and for whatever reason you do not complete the order, the items will remain in the cart until you finish the order or until you empty the cart.

Why have some of the items that I previously added to my shopping cart disappear?

- The shopping cart NEVER expires, but if any of the items that were already entered are deactivated by us (because they are out of stock etc) they will also disappear from the shopping cart.

How much is the Minimum purchase for individual orders?

- The current minimum purchase for private customer orders is € 2 (taxes included)

If I have an order pending shipping and payment and soon the items in my order are lowered on the Web, what price is applied?

- The prices in force at the time the order is placed and that appear in it always apply. If it is the case that you place an order just before the sales of some of the items contained in your order begin and you want to access the new prices, you must cancel the first order and place a new one.

What do the initials PVP that appear in front of the price mean?

- The acronym PVP stands for Retail Price

Why can't I select an image under "Details" for purchase?

-Detail images are not selectable for purchase. Only "models" are selectable for purchase. If the color or model of your choice does not appear in the list of models, that specific model may be out of stock.

What are discount coupons, how do I get them?

-The discount coupons are made when customer returns are made that cannot be collected in cash, they are used to pay for purchases or part of purchases through the web. In your client file (by clicking on your name) you can access your list of coupons if you have them.

How long will it take to receive my order?

From the moment you send the order, it usually takes 1 or 2 days to confirm it. Although sometimes depending on the accumulated work, more time can pass. The speed of completion is also related to the answer to the question about how you want us to treat the order. You have information in this regard by hovering the mouse over each option in the shopping cart. Once the order is confirmed, the transit time will depend on the chosen shipping method (24H for tourline and one week for post)

Why am I not receiving my order receipts or confirmations in my email?

-Probably our confirmation emails are in your spam or SPAM folder. To solve this situation add the addresses [email protected] [email protected] y [email protected] to your contacts.

How can I know where to physically buy your items?

-In the "+ info" section there is a link to the lists of stores to which we distribute our products. 

What should I do to return a product?

-You can return a product within 14 days of receiving it by informing us through the Returns link that you will see at the bottom of the page in the help section

If you have any questions that are not answered here or in other parts of the web, send us you can ask in the box below or send us an email to [email protected] we will be happy to answer you.

Or if you prefer, you can ask us what you want on our facebook page


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