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BACK WEEKEND in your Your Hippie and alternative online clothing store
Hippie clothing store News
Your Hippie and alternative clothing store


Find in ZAS the latest fashion in original alternative ethnic hippie clothing, and much more.
In addition to very original hippie and alternative clothing, you will also find the latest in accessories such as bags and fanny packs or Jewelry items such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Also decorative items such as masks, or ethnic mats and pillows filled with kapok from Thailand; or sandals and many others alternative hippie style items.
Our articles are made by hand in small family workshops and each season we bring them to you from the countries of origin. If you are looking Cheap Hippie Clothes At ZAS we are also direct importers and wholesalers and in addition to the general public we also wholesale to other stores for this reason you will always have the best available price guaranteed.

All our items are available in stock for immediate shipping from our warehouse in Tarifa, so you can receive them at your home very quickly and without shipping costs from just 25 euros of purchase.


Dressing in hippie or alternative clothing is more than just a more or less fashionable style of dress. The Alternative Ethnic Hippie style capitalized, represents a concept and a different way of living and seeing life that transmits a nonconformist and solidarity thought. Those of us who like the Hippie style are people who are aware of caring for the environment and ecology. Nature and animal lovers. People of urban cultures who think for themselves, and are not easily influenced by the consumption canons that are imposed on us today. In short, natural people who prioritize comfort and naturalness on a daily basis and express their personality with a style of consumption that wants to get away from the concept of mass production of large multinationals.


The common denominator of all our articles is their artisanal nature, both in clothing or in costume jewelery and accessories, as well as in details. All our garments are manufactured in small workshops, often family-owned, with traditional methods. The ornaments and details that decorate and make each item an almost unique product, are made and placed in each place of the garment or bag, one by one patiently by artisans. Many times natural materials are used that are worked by hand and on other occasions other types of materials. We love the way they integrate and combine materials with colors.
The allure of truly handcrafted things It lies in its imperfection and its value is centered on the knowledge that one or several hands have put their experience into producing something beautiful, useful and practically unique. Crafts are by definition of limited production. Buying artisan products like those of ZAS, you are actively helping the development and improvement of the quality of life of the people and families who manufacture these items in producing countries such as India, Nepal, Thailand or Indonesia, places to which we have been traveling for almost 30 years. Year after year, spending several months in them to order and prepare the collections we make for you. It is important to know: at ZAS we do not have capacity, nor do we want to have it, to be able to impose a price, or to exploit and squeeze our suppliers, contrary to what the large multinationals do (it is known of all). ZAS is a very small company, made up of ordinary people, passionate about travel and people. People like you or the artisans who make our things. At ZAS we have a very close relationship with the producers, and over time, many of them have become friends and of course, we pay for the work done by the workshops the fair price that our suppliers consider appropriate and ask us for each item. .



Every season, we strive to select and import directly from the producers and small manufacturers of Thailand, Nepal, or India among others, the latest fashion trends in hippie, ethnic, alternative style clothing, aimed at girls and women who likes different garments with a very high degree of craftsmanship.
These are some examples:
Hippies dress Hippie pants for women Hippie pants for women

Hippie Dresses for Women

Hippies Pants for Women

Hippies Women's T-shirts


In the men's hippie clothing section, the boys will find comfortable garments made with natural materials such as cotton and rayon, basic clothing and other more complex garments decorated with handmade artisan details. Here are some examples:

Alternative t-shirts Hippes SHIRTS hippies hippie sweatshirts for men

Hippies Men's T-shirts

Hippies Men's Shirts

Men's Hippies Sweatshirts

ON THE MAIN PAGE of our website, we show you a HIGHLIGHTED SELECTION OF ITEMS of Clothing and accessories for both men and women from all the general categories of the store, a small selection of some is also included. Opportunities of our OUTLET. And lower THE MOST HIPPIES OF THE WEEK, which corresponds to the items that have sold the most online in our store during the last seven days..
Use the search engine by entering the words that define the type of article you are looking for to save time.
We hope you enjoy this your Online Store!

And remember that if you have any questions we will be happy to assist you by email or phone!

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